Environmental Management

Environmental Impact Assessment

With years of experience in environmental impact assessment, we can assist with:

  • ASite screenings and environmental due diligence reporting.
  • ABasic Assessment, Scoping-EIA and Section 24G rectification applications.
  • APublic participation: we have experience in a host of engagement options that the sensitivity of your project may require.
  • AAuditing of Environmental Authorisations.

Let us manage an unbiased EIA process for you – let’s work towards a low-impact proposal that the authorities can be confident in authorising.

Environmental Management Programmes

An EMPr may be required as part of an EIA process, but also in compliance with by-laws or requested by the authorities. We have compiled numerous EMPr’s for the construction and operational phase projects.

We can compile a practical EMPr to minimise the potential risks associated with your project and externally audit your EMPr when required by the authorities.

Environmental Management

One-Stop Project Management

We work closely with specialists who are experts in their field. We can project manage your environmental compliance requirements, such as:

  • AAir Quality Impact Assessment and Atmospheric Impact Reports.
  • ABotanical and Freshwater Assessment.
  • AHeritage and Visual Assessment.
  • ATraffic Impact Assessment.

Book a consultation to learn how we can assist your business.

The Environmental Practice

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The Environmental Practice is well-versed in these requirements. Contact us to find out how we can assist you to comply.

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